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RAC Kettering
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Refrigeration Repair, Service & Commissioning

RAC Kettering Refrigeration Repair

RAC Kettering have a dedicated repair and service department who are able to manage and maintain your refrigeration equipment to ensure it operates correctly and to prevent downtime and failures.

Our F-Gas registered refrigeration engineers are also able to carry out Servicing on any manufacturer's equipment as well as our own bispoke designed refrigeration packs. We offer a competitive range of Service Contracts tailored to suit individual client’s needs. 

RAC Kettering are also able to offer client specific fixed price multi-year contracts to assist in long term planning.

Our engineers offer a wide range of services including:

  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Site and plant surveys
  • Plant performance monitoring and reporting

Air Conditioning, Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance by refrigeration service engineers will enable your air conditioning equipment to
perform to manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring a long life and protecting your investment. Without
regular service & maintenance the equipment will have to work much harder in order to maintain the desired comfort
level, meaning more expensive power bills and earlier than normal failure of parts. Our service engineers
are trained to be proactive in highlighting possible service repair work necessary to avoid equipment
failure or breakdown in the future.

Maintenance of your air conditioning is important to prevent health and safety issues and keep the air clean and prevent break downs.

 Consider the Dividends:

  • The basic benefits from a preventative maintenance programme
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Minimises costly repairs
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Reduces liability exposure with potential insurance savings
  • Improves tenant, employee and customer relations
  • Increase retail value

Annual technician visits:

Even the best maintenance routines can’t prevent expected wear from usage. Qualified HVAC engineers will isolate worn components and make suggestions for future repairs. Air conditioning engineers are also adept at detecting gas hazards, making detailed repairs, and developing maintenance schedules.

The most cost-effective way to eliminate high utility costs is by maintaining your current appliances. Service histories and professional advice can also help determine which systems to swap with energy-efficient replacements.

Services offers fast, reliable service that will ensure your business AC system stays running smoothly. Whether your primary concern is keeping cool or adhering to maintenance schedules we can help.

  • Our commercial services include:
  •  Equipment Maintenance
  •  Filter Services
  •  Equipment Repair
  •  Energy Savings Analysis
  •  Building Temperature Controls


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