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Portable Air conditioner for hire


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RAC Kettering offer a large range of portable air conditioners for hire to give instant cooling that will not break your budget.
For a mobile, portable air conditioner visit our internet retail web site:
mobile, portable air conditioner hire

Monoblock air conditioner units
starting off at 2.5kw cooling upto 6kw are able to be wheeled into position, plugged in and switched on,

starting at just £69 p/w rental.

Mobile split air conditioners
have cooling from 3.2kw up to 5kw

for hire from £165 pw.

Amcor AMC12KM 410

Cools a room up to around 30sq.m (324 sq.ft)
Ideal for living room home office or bedroom
Easy to use control panel with ventilation/cooling control, thermostatic control and 8 hour off timer
Two-speed turbo fan with quiet operation
Dehumidifies as it cools evaporating water through a hose
Supplied with 1.5m hose and through wall / window fittings
Directional air discharge louvers
Easy to clean washable filter and replaceable odour absorbent activated charcoal filter

from £69.00
+ £79.80 vat

 £478.80 (incl)

Del £25.00 + vat.Total £508.80
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10000 BTU Mobile air conditioner 2 Cool settings
Heat setting
2 fan speed settings
12 Hour timer
Cooling capacity 2930W
Heating capacity 2930W
Condensate full tray indicator
Dehumidification capacity maximum 36L/day 1.5L/hrs
Airflow volume (max) 350M³/ Hr

from £69.00
+ £89.80 vat

 £538.80 (incl)

Del £25.00 + vat.Total £568.80
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Amcor single RAM007

2.7 KW / 9000 btu's cooling power.

( Monobloc condensate into drain tank)

from £69.00
+ £69.80 vat

 £418.80 (incl)

Del £25.00 + vat.Total £448.80
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Amcor single PLM15KEH

  • Cooling Capacity 11,300BTU / 3.3kW
  • Dust removing air filter plus 3M filter
  • Timer
  • Maximum air flow is 500 cubic metres per hour
  • Noise level 49 to 60dB
  • Remote Control
  • Hose is 2m long by 150mm diameter
  • Maximum dehumidification per day is 40 litres
  • Power Supply is standard 230 volts
  • Average power consumption is 1500 watts
  • Three fan speeds
  • Thermostat range is 18C to 32C
  • Dimensions are (HWD) 840 x 500 x 415mm
  • Weight is just 39Kgs

    from £125.00
    + £119.80 vat

     £718.80 (incl)

    Del £29.00 + £753.60
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    Amcor AMC 15KM-410

    AMC 15KM-410.
    3kw / 10200 Btu's cooling power.

    3m easy to disconnect umbilical pipe & thro'wall & window fittings. 13 amp plug.75 (h) x 38 (w ) x 40 (d) cm indoor
    58 (h) x 45 (w) x 24 (d) cm outdoor
    Weights 38 kg (indoor), 13kg (outdoor) Powerful, easy to fit portable split air conditioning for the home or small commercial office.

    from £185.00
    + £119.80 vat

     £718.80 (incl)

    Del £35.00 + £760.80
    hire now buy now

    PREM-I-AIR split portable air conditioner

    2.9 KW cooling power.
    from £189.00
    + £99.80 vat

     £598.80 (incl)

    Del £35.00 + vat.Total £640.80
    hire now buy now

    Amcor split air conditioner

    3.2 KW / 12000 btu's cooling power.

    from £189.00

    + £119.80 vat

     £718.80 (incl)

    Del £35.00 + vat.Total £760.80


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