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Novopress Distributors


RAC Kettering is a UK distributor for the Novopress range of hydraulic bus bar fabrication and pressing / crimping equipment from Germany. 

These tools are used in the pipe installation and in the manufacture of busbars for switchboard applications.

Pressing tools from Novopress 

The development of pressing tools for pipework started in the early 1970s.

There is now a wide range of materials used in pipes and fittings, from steel, stainless steel, copper or plastic pipe systems of PEX or multilayer.

Pressing tools offer a durable leakproof pipe connection quickly. 

For the dimensions from 12 to 168,1 mm, Novopress offer radial and axial pressing systems tools.

Novopress crimpers are branded under Gererit, Pegler Yorkshire, Mpress, Mapress, Sanha and Uponor names. The range includes ACO201 14 volt cordless, ECO202, ECO301, ACO202XL, EFP202, AFP202.

Smaller, lighter and easier to handle – these ergonomic principles got realized on the new pressfitting tooling generation from Novopress. The Comfort-Line pressing tools ACO202 (battery driven) and ECO202 (mains driven) are lighter than their antecessors and more handy in the grip area, so that the tool can be handled easily and safely. The surface is made of two components and the rubberised section is an additional advantage for the handling of the tools. 

As with the former tools, the approved product features, such as i.e. the electronic retention bolt-monitoring or the automatic pressing cycle were implemented in the ACO202 and ECO202, as well as the diagnostic functions and the logbook that records the the pressing cycles very detailed. In addition to all the well known features, the pressing speed was significantly increased and because of the new battery technology with Lithium-Ion batteries the ACO202 can offer a higher level of efficiency. Furthermore every battery has a status indicator, which shows the current battery charge level.


  • electronic monitoring of the jaw-locking-bolt and visual error indication
  • electronical logbook - allows precise and quick analysis in case of errors
  • battery status indication

More efficient and lighter: Our new comfort-line Pressing tools (ACO203 – battery driven and ECO203 mains driven) make everything possible, which is needed for economic and efficient working. Thanks to the reduced weight* and the improved design the tools are even handier and make it easier to work with them also in over-head situations. Even in difficult lighting conditions the new pressing tools can convince thanks to the illumination of the press area, one of the new comfort-features. 

The need for maintenance for the complete tool is significantly reduced due to the new motor technology and up to 20 % more pressing cycles can be done per battery charge. 


  • Low weight
  • Illumination of the press area
  • No limitation of the pressing cycles within the 2-year maintenance interval
  • Faster pressing cycles thanks to the Brushless Motor Technology (ACO203)
  • up to 20 % more pressings per battery charge* (ACO203)

(*in comparison to the predecessor ACO202) 

With the new Comfort-Line Pressing tool ACO202XL Novopress offers a handy alternative to the well-known tool ECO301. For compatible pressings versatile applicable -  12-108 mm metal applications resp. 14-110 plastic applications - developed for usability of compatible jaws on the market.

The new adaptor jaws ZB221 and ZB222 have especially been developed for pressing big dimensions (>64 mm). For this kind of application the ACO202XL is equipped with a longer stroke of 80 mm with constant press force of 32 kN. In order to be able to use press collars for big dimensions as well as compatible jaws, the pressing tool is equipped with a so-called back stroke limitation. This means that the user can shorten the stroke to 40 mm for using the compatible jaws which entails the advantage of saving time for this kind of application.

The finger protection as well as the manual retention bolt and the visual error indication are providing the necessary safety required while working with this tool.  The ergonomic shape and the rotatable head of the pressing tool support the user to easily access narrow installation points.


  • Lighter and handier than ECO301
  • Usability of compatible jaws in the market
  • Rotatable head
  • Back stroke limitation - fast pressing with compatible jaws by an adaptable piston stroke
  • Powerful rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery

Without the comfort features, but at the same top quality level and of the same reliability, are the Basic-Line pressing tools AFP202 (battery driven) and EFP202 (mains driven). In the style of the pressing tools EFP1 and EFP2, which are very successful in the market since 1978, we decided to go for the pistol style design. The robust tools provide a steady and reliable performance, even without the electronic controls and the microprocessor. By leaving these features out, the AFP202 and the EFP202 can be offered at a very fair price level.

The Basic-Line pressing tools EFP202 and AFP202 fulfil the standards of the compatibility and therefore have a piston stroke of 40 mm and a piston force of 32 kN.


  • sturdy design
  • mechanical bolt retention
  • balanced tool weight

All compatible pressing units from Novopress (ACO203, ECO203, ECO202, ACO202, ACO202XL, EFP202 and AFP202) can be used with the compatible press jaws from Novopress up to 35 mm (metal pipe) and 32  (plastic pipe/ U-contour up to 50mm). The jaws are with their low weight and their compact design the perfect addition for the pressing units and are perfectly adapted to the pipe and fittings systems. 
Starting from dimension 42 mm (metall pipes) or 40 / 50 mm (plastic pipe, depending on system) Novopress has the press collars, which allow a perfect pressing result and small measurements. All collars for the compatible tools are driven with the adaptor jaws ZB203, ZB221 or ZB222 (second pressing 108 mm).


  • One hand operation
  • optimized outline for minimal space requirements
  • clear customer specific labelling for easy identification


Novopress ECO3 has compact dimensions providing allowing pressfitting joints from 12 mm up to 108 mm. 

The pressing process is driven and monitored by a microprocessor control to ensure constant optimal pressing performance. 

Its ease of handling with ergonomic design allows access even to the tightest pressing points. 

Electronic monitoring of the jaw-locking-bolt and the automatic return after completion of the pressing joint are Novopress standards. 

With short pressing cycles of approximately 12 sec., irrespective of the nominal dimensions, enable the quick and economic work-process. 

ECO3 is safe pressing of all common copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and multilayer pressfitting systems.

Pressing Jaw size range:12, 15, 18, 22, 28 & 35mm

Pressing Collar sizes: 42, 54, 66.7, 76.1, 88.9 & 108mm


• For pressing Mapress pressfitting systems


• Geberit compatibility 3

Product Details

  • Vibration value ≤ 2.5 m/s²
  • Noise level at user's ear 75 dB(A)
  • Nominal force 45 kN
  • Cable length 5 m
  • Protection degree IP 20
  • Net weight 5.0 kg
  • Temperature range during operation -20 - +60 °C
  • Protection class II
  • Dimensions Metal pipe up to 108 mm
  • Piston force max. 45 kN
  • Piston stroke 45 mm
  • Weight 5,0 kg
  • Dimensions: L 420 mm W 85 mm H 110 mm
  • Power consumption 560 W
ECO301 Accessories
  Jaw 15mm  
  Jaw 18mm  
  Jaw 22mm 
  Jaw 28mm  
  Jaw 35mm 
  Adaptor 42 - 67mm  
  Collar 42mm  
  Collar 54mm  
  Collar 67mm  
  Collar 76.1mm  
  Collar 88.9mm  
  Collar 108mm  
  Adaptor 76 - 108mm  
  Adaptor 108mm  

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